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How being equal and how it is matter1?

  • Only as property, when you are denied or disallowed to do that, you can NOT escape and as such you are the passive one.
  • Only as an owner you can, not only escape, but also escape together with your property and as such you are the active one.
  • Would you like to be equal with me, as we both are properties or owners, or while organizing ourself so that we are equal, one with another, would the equality between us be an equality between properties or between owners?
  • In any aspect in our collective and when we are equal in it, if we ask for more responsibility (or for better and free judgment), we must be asking for us being equal owners, rather than being equal properties.

When being equal matters?

  • Since the quality of the security of a chain is defined by the weakest ring in it,
    • in defense we keep things be equal, one with the other (while closing lines and hiding/protecting the weakest rings),
    • but in offense we keep them different, one from the other (while opening them up and hunting the weakest rings).

The hot (or energized) defense

(of an alarmed collective of equal individuals):

  • When qualified as trusted, one with another, the ComComism lets us, the owners-being-equal, be active in our defenses (or let us heating up our defence system with our choices) and as such let us be in our defense much more powerful or be in our defense also in our offense.
  • Why must we, as a collective of people being equal, trusted and qualified, give away the possibility of each of us to escape together with our shared property, if not for cynically cooling us all together or for making (each and any of) us be passive as a property in our defense and as such be much essayer to hunt (maybe while still dreaming but already as we as a collective are captured, named, shamed and/or monitored as (they/those) one being associated with the other)?2

more arguments for the comcomism.

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