About Preparing #Comcomizing Alex11.Org

From This revolution will not be privatized but comcomized - Transition phase To: #comcomizing #alex11 #ows #j14 #jan25 #p2 #occupyberlin #occupy #6april #tahrir

Some of us are now preparing what is required for comcomizing the alex11.org . Let us know whatever you want us to know - here is a summary:

comcomized company is where its owners singed the agreement defined by the 6 point specified here:

We need to find the exact (and best) form of company which
1. would be limited
2. would allow registration of its owners and of their shares in a fast and convenient way
3. the full howto for forming it and the tax obligations (for it and its owners from resident abroad, like in owners in germany owning ltd company in london which would own a company like mini gmbh in germany)
4. any limitations if exist in the ability of company in london to own other companies abroad such as in germany.

The use case: is to form a limited company and to assign its owners manually where its assets includes other companies in germany, which are formed for the use of "the occupy" movement in germany, as the 1st such company is the company maintaining the


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