General Arguments: Why equality and decentralisation now in globalisation (or in such big scale)
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Some-General-arguments (now, as the market's crystal ball is broken):

(It is more optimistic to admit that the thing which is more wrong than in human nature is in the system they choose to obey to.)

  1. As for now we already know that
    1. The few (several hundreds or thousands families), however are educated, clever or unique (and even if and when would always be the most responsible), could never well govern the most (6 billion people),
      • simply since No Human can have such wisdom (1 million1 times higher than the average one) as it is currently expected from the few individuals, since we, in this globalization, are far too many and since the technology, as we know it, can help only to multiply/magnify our mistakes!!!2
  2. The ComComism offers the individual-and-non-equal ownership (as in the capitalism) or the shared-and-equal ownership, to coexists side by side in one unit they hold, when holding any ComCom, but only as the equal ownership over property is such of which value is bigger than zero and unlike the socialism/communism/democratic-citizenship or other types of cooperative, each offers equality only in decision making but only such that the ownership over property of which value is zero (when considering the test of ownership over property (2.)) !
  3. Because of the combination of both above reason, which is that
      • the few in this scale of globalisation are unable governing the most, while
      • the ComComism lets ownership to be shared equally and/or not equally, while letting both type of holders to exit via transaction with 3rd party, such that the owned property is re-evaluated and gain its value in a trading manner and hence the value of the property is bigger than zero;
        • and for those of who feel the urgency to find a new alternative for the ill capitalism,
          • but to find it by/between ourselves (and without the necessity of again waiting for an approval from the few);
      • here we propose the ComComism,
        • as a new alternative for the ill capitalism and
        • as a more healthy solution for each of us in these hard times
      • since all the ComComism is defined, not by some good wiling, moral, or intentions, but only by legal means of one an agreement with only one simple formula the $d*i=n*c$.
  4. Always we are all different in part and in other parts are equal,
    • hence business making can also be based on being equal not only on being different!
  5. Globalisation is one fact of our living, meaning we are all in it and we are far too many and
    • the Only problem coming together with Globalisation is its over centralisation!
  6. We live in Globalisation which must now be Peacefully Decentralised for avoiding ever worsening bubbles and crises as we experience them nowadays. Remember that the unemployment rate is about to hit 10% or more.
    • ComComizing is the tool for improving the distribution of wealth and decision making and this is the first most urgent thing to do for us and for our-children, as this issue includes also
      • the fight against lobbies or corruptions made for or by those serving mainly the few and
      • the global warming made by human, which is/was made by creating addiction-to/market-for useless consumption and while bombing the public with the false of many theories linking the increase in strength of economy with the increase of the volume of consumption in it! For more see here and here.
  7. You can now Make More For Better Distribution of Wealth and power by the means of ComCom and GovGocCom, but that can also help you personally in your daily life


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