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Your comments and Comcomism in 6 points: 1) Tradability, 2) Recursive nature of the contract, 3) Coherent Layering, 4) The d as d * i = c * n, 5) Peers' autonomy and 6) Flexibility of the d.

About ComComism: When getting organized in any comcomized units we can be equal and free owners1 of the property held by the unit and of the unit as a whole. Hence comcomism might be found useful for reaching any common interest/goals/causes and/or in front our common threats.2 ComComism is the new 3rd way beyond the old Capitalism and any of the known systems of representatives, if the system acts for equal members.3

News: in a decentralized fashion now we are spread
A) on line: social networking owned by its members together with
B) on the ground: meetings in workshops, while
C) getting organizing with rewarding and evaluation by money or alternative to money and while maintaining communication so that
D) the storage of our communication is safe!

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What ComComism Is?

It is a theory for peer owners being shareholders and having equal number of shares over the assets of their organization. Based on one personal agreement, ComComism is a way of getting be organized//, such that a predefined part or all of the ownership over all the property of the organization is equally spread between that part's owners (aka the c-holders). This agreement is made upper than any other obligation made in or for the organization, so that it is made valid (also) over any (other) owners (which must agree with it and hence revalidating it).

As such the agreement lets such owners: A) in a capitalistic manner, to sell their share in the free market, independently and at any time, no-matter what is the policy set for the organization in that time; and B) in a communistic manner, to keep equality in power between such c-holders and in whatever number they become (but only after the existing c-holders excepted the new ones).

Such type of organizations creates new balance between the many being equal and the few, it also integrates both powers, namely the individual one and the one we use for our common interests, and lastly, it may be lasting in any scale, expanded between of renting some rooms in one apartment and states and their unions.

We already started so you can now Join/Create and find out more about comcomism .

What ComComism come to solve?

The problems of trust and responsibility in relation to common interests (of goals, causes and/or threats)!!!

After you, they and/or we put together some investments, such investments which might even being collected in years of livings, could the table itself be taken suddenly by someone?

No, if those investments where comcomized and otherwise yes,

since when the property is comcomized there is no one to take all of it or give all of it, hence no one could ("legally") hand it over, without letting each of its holders to exit first !!!

What ComComism means?

As equal and free owners we act better4 for our common goals/causes/threats!!!

(Where Capitalism means "every man for himself" and Communism means "the collective provides all essentialities for any", there Comcomism means "equal and free owners act better"!!!)

(please try the personal agreement ... also see others talks about it5 and at least once please try our home for understanding what is ComCom 6)

How the ComComism is compared with self-organized (economic) systems?

Like the blood compared with the skin, both are required.

The self-organization of a system, as a bottom-top system, is like the blood, since it is about how to make things in the body, whereas the comcomism is like the skin, since it about how to go out of and into that body.

In general, any system could perfume well, at least in one aspect (e.g. "the good roads which where build by the Nazis"), but still leftover the main question as for how such system perfume in its worth, since then we would need to find our way out of it.

The way out and the way into the system of the comcomism is regulated beyond any policy making in that system and is govern by the individuals' power.

This makes the expectation as for the performance of the system (which are being set and made by its blood, so to say) to be regularly in check and balanced by the individuals, i.e. to be at any moment judged and re-evaluated as for their own future with any given past, which was to be considered as for the performances of such policy in its makings, but now, with the comcomism, always also with an option to quit when/if/as required.

Systems of representatives7 are, as such, the problem to solve or How constantly and systematically to force the few, which represent many, to act ONLY for the (benefit of the) many?

(in short: By making the equal right for representation be trad-able, which is making trade-able the value of the unit which is managed by the representatives together with the equally spread value of the privilege to have a voice in the unit's decision making process!)
  • The ComComism is a peaceful way to resolve this problem, as it integrates the (communistic/social) power of (the many) being equal with the (capitalistic/individual) freedom to sell one's share, hence as it integrates the power of the many with the individual power of each of the many and as such it gives each of us - the many - much more power, hence much more responsibility.
  • ComComism resolve the problem because only a ComComized unit (Common Company aka ComCom) allows you going out of itself (to exit by selling together with a positive value of your shared property in it) and by this action alone also directly affect the price of any and all shares of that unit8, even if and although it was shared equally with others!!! And hence
    • unlike the privilege in cooperative or in citizenship, the ComComism establishes a trade-able value of the privilege to have representatives acting (as executives in managing the property) for equal, as for unequal, members in the same unit. Such unit may be
      • company defined by commercial powers (for more see Common Company) ,
      • company defined by political powers as an act of nationalization or privatization (for more see GovComCom),
      • state defined by political powers (for more see Constitution Of Its Citizens),
      • association defined by the power of activists, artists, developers and/or researcher united for a specific cause (for more see ComCom Social) .
  • Join here for becoming one of the first 5500 ComComists initiating worldwide the comcomism (see here how we dot it and how can you Earn from your way to communicate the ComComism! ).

Yes, the scale really matters on human issues of management by some for others. ComComism is not about what we want to achieve or the rules we should accept for such achievement and is not about defining some preference such as which shall be considered as the good over bad. Instead, it is only about the way we could get be organized for achieving our goals when we are ready to act in a big enough scale, since the Comcomism approach is to make the few in control to lose (some of) the value of what they control, if and when the represented many are not satisfied.

ComComism, why is it a peaceful way to act?

While neutralizing the ability to take it over, it integrates
  • the good in being individual (capitalist) and being (communist) collective
  • the power of the many being equal with the individual power of each
  • the small amount of the poor with the big of the rich.

since it is played according the rules (e.g. in the Commercial yard according the Commercial rules), but already while transfering the ownership (and power of decision) over property from few (using/being representatives) to (the represented) many and as this ownership is distributed in an equal ownership manner between the many.

ComComizing can be your powerful way to overcome this crisis since it is going well together with bottom-up evolving e.g. by the ComCom social. We are here to spread the word of comcomism because we think it is good news for activists, artists, developers and researchers but also for politician (see GovComCom), donors (as c-holders) and investors(as p-holders) etc.

We believe that ComComism should be more practised for neutralizing the power of the few, if that power is working only for their interest or mainly against the interest of the most (e.g. as only THE few could have the option to corrupt our representatives)!

We actually believe that more ComComizing is what we must do since averagely the few (100-1000) can never be 1m time more qualified than the others (6b) and since, at any moment and while readjusting the value in a trading manner, each of the represented could exit with her/his value and hence her/his representatives could only be ranked by such trade-able value.

Being able to exit with a positive value even when the ownership is shared equally (as the Native Indians may do when leaving their chief if the one is unwanted) is significant because the few control the most mainly by offering representatives acting in your interest in collectives in which you may have "equal say", but for which the entry is only under the prior condition of none could ever exit with a positive value of any property being shared in that collective (i.e. if you exit, then only with zero or undetermined value)! For more about this catch see here.

Only where both conditions are met, namely to share the property equally between the many and to let each of the many be able to exit with a positive value, such representatives, when acting in the name of the most, will be motivated to act in their interest, since otherwise each of them will take their share and go while "leaving the king without a kingdom". For more about ComComism see this.

ComComize now, Because you can!! (See here in only 3 pictures how you can)
Do it now - Own with us, since we only need 5500 ComComists for initiating both ComComs establishing the frame for any of the ComCom's markets.

Yes, we know that realizing the comcomism is a long way to go! With this knowledge we are now initiating this process, but only after having 5500 comcomists being gathered.

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