Comcomism Cycle It Around

Here, in 17 points, is the personal agreement establishing a comcomized unit when is agreed between its members:

  • The comcomism is how we, in a group, could get organized while handling our property in a good manner (i.e. in a more fair and clever manner), such that each of us can constantly have an effect on the group and even when the one is ignored (i.e. not only by the speech of mouth but also by the practice of legs) by exiting (3.1) with a return for the investment, which the one put into the group in terms of money or otherwise and such that the comcomized unit is developed organically (3.2).

We are building the on ground platform by making workshops (with 3 positions: hot spot, room provider and teachers, which together are servicing student i learning more about the mater ) you can find more about it and register yourself in to it here:

We can allow investment not only donation and still keep our self Independent

We can create our communities buy land and keep the control in the hand of us the many…

and make our art:

and if you are activist please learn from the obama showcase here:


notes: if you want to let other know about the issue, you can use these few links and then also Please post your comment abut this:

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