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Here is the first chapter of the booklet - "peer owners"It is given free in the Internet for any one to know what comcomism is about. Still your payment of 5 euro could make what is required for establishing the Internet platform for all comcomized units. In hope that you will find your friends as peers for to establish your own comcomized unit.
Content (first edition)

For more try searching the following keyword: comcomism.

The buyers and any one in the the following distribution chain is entailed to become peer owner in Scomccom of which d=1 and of which number of peers is between 20-100, as only such Scomcom can become a shareholder in comcomism ltd.
Distribution's beneficiaries-vat:

  • Author 30%,
  • Translator 5%,
  • Printing 25%,
  • Wholesaler 10%,
  • Retailer 30%

This is a comments, as for what and how can we do something: It is a long way to go for building the alternatives we must have and this way must have us as owners having equal share of ownership in the assets serving us in this way. If u want to know more about it, search "peer owners" - We go From one booklet to a stock market of peer owners per each state and we are looking to work with who can/want to "do something" about it.

The elements of this context:

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