Free Association

Free association, as the mean to comcomize sitting between the personal agreement and the operating-institute, is the most essay to implement for large groups. Here is the how to:

  • If the members of the association can trade their membership then we can have the association comcomized such that e.g. association would become Scomcom of which d=1 ,
    • where the association own all assets and give license for use for one or more state-recognized organizations (the operating institutes) and
    • where the free Association (FA) is any association of which agreement implements agreement this @A@ guide line.
  • As such the FA can become comcomized as Scomcom, Icomcom or Dcomcom,
    • where the FA is a Voluntary association, which is comcomized, by having each of its members agreeing to the "personal agreement", and
    • such that the membership of each member is tradable and its "T", being the total value of the association, is the sum of the value of membership of all its members.

Note that the membership of peer owners has equal value unlike the one of ordinary ones.

Questions being answered

  • 1. As such can the "FA" hold assets as its properties in return for licensing?
    • Yes!
  • 2. As such can the "FA" be used as holding assets of "OI" ("operating institutes") in return for licensing?
    • Yes!
  • 3. As such can the "FA", being Scomcom of which d=1 and of which 20<=c<=100, be holder in comcomism ltd?
    • Yes! and for this, by distributing this "peer owners" booklet, you can create your own such hub of 20 to 100 people.
  • 4. As such is "FA" structuring can be used per state as the comcomism ltd is to be used as a global tool? e.g.
    • where the comcomism ltd (as the global body) is to be acting as an authentic connector between those who are doing comcom, such as certification of the teachers for workshops which are to be payed by the inviting ones, or certificating the work of programmers to be used for comcomized mailing list and for that be payed by both the programmers and the user of services.
      • Yes! And such global body we denote as #G), of which the #L) are its authorized agents being "Localized" in different states, of which the #P) are the authorized agents of #L) "Providing" specific services/product to their #U) being the people or bodies "Using" such services/products.
  • 5. As such can comcomism ltd have its total value be constant (say 4m or more) as the price per one member of Scomcom be constant and cheap (with possibilities for high dividend), where the number of members times price per member= price per comcomized-unit, until the conditions for well diversity and localization per each state are accomplished, such that when the conditions are fulfilled then the comcomism ltd is to be comcomized?
    • Yes.
  • 6. As such and like comcomism ltd, could other entities, such as ComCom-Connect ltd, be competitive too (e.g. ), e.g. if and when big value is being accumulated as dividend form one such global company, should then such value be used for creating its competitor (e,g, big value earned by comcomisl ltd is used for creating a new comcom-conmnect ltd)?
    • Yes.

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