Operating Institute

From the book: "The comcomism establishes a direct relation of ownership between assets and people - making it suitable for operating any state-recognized organization, such that the organization has no assets, but instead a license to operate over the assets individually owned by the comcom's members collectivity granting the license and authorizing the source of all its tasks and appointments. To make it scalable and essay to make use the "free association" ("fa") easspaically in relation to "operating institutes" ("oi").


Per each state, the comcomism ltd is to initiate some of such organizations by taking the position of the comcom's members until such members will join in."

We call such organizations "operating institutes": Any operating institute for a comcom (aka the comcom's oi) is an organization (for profit or not, such as a business, association, npo, ngo, etc ), which is recognized by the laws of the country in question, where
1) it has no assets;
2) all the assets it can operate (aka its associated assets) are owned directly by the owners of the comcom, which collectivity grant to it a specific license for all such operations, so that on any transaction on its assets:

  • the new assets is automatically and immediately transfered to all the comcom's owners as it get in return the corresponding license for its operation
  • and the departing assets to 3rd party is first checked for the license and then is transferred to it from the comcom's owners and then transferring it to the 3rd party;

3) the comcom's owners are the only ones to delegate the source of its delegation, (used for delegation of those who constitutes the most top of its executive power such as manger, ceo , secretary etc)

This way all assets and all the sources of delegations in the operating institute being a normal business or association, are directly held by the comcom's owners as the institute can still contain all its liabilities towards

  • its workers,
  • its clients,
  • its contractors and
  • the authorities of the state in question.

Per each such country and for creating the necessary infrastructure, the comcomism ltd is to open at least one operating institute for a comcom (if the comcom is not existing yet the position of the comcom is taken by comcomism ltd, otherwise the comcom is the one to open its operating institute) in each of the 3 categories:

  • a body for verification: verifying the conditions to be fulfilled for to be labeled as a comcom
  • a service provider: providing services for comcom, as first example, such as sdp, workshops etc
  • a user of service: using such service as first example, such as a comcom using a comcmoized mailing list service.

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