Our 55 Structure is How we make the IsWith-Platform as one Framework for all ComCom to evolve
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Join here for becoming one of the first 5500 ComComists initiating worldwide the comcomism (here see why)

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The new IsWith-Platform pdf and here you can first see it but without links.

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This structure (or framework) is of ComCom all of which $d=0.55$ and it target is allowing any other ComCom to evolve in relation to it.

It is designed with "No Excuse" in our minds, meaning such that almost any one can find her/his place in it. You now have your entry point to the world of ComComS. So, if you believe ComCom as a concept worth a try, well, why not try it now?.


I went over the iswith platfrom.PDF looking at it as a business plan and did it for few times, and frankly i did NOT understand it. I didn't understand what the business offers. i also did NOT understand what the investors get. In simple words what the iswith platform business is about?


The comcom's structuring allows the power of the many being equal to be integrated in the normal business making while still keeping the individual power of each of the many to exit with positive value.

The business offers services targeting those who

  1. practically seek for protection1 against takeover (namely activists, artists, developers and researchers),
  2. generally keen in seeking for equality, fairness, openness, transparency and/or dignity in the way they are organized for achieving their goal (namely: volunteering and/or grassroots and/or open-source organizations, practically where donation and/or association are chosen),
  3. seek for (small amount of) investments, especially start-up, but also those who seek for establishing their existing market by providing relationship of investors with their clients and/or
  4. politically are angry on the current situation (of war making), where governments put the money of the tax-payer into big cooperation with the excuse that having not doing so would harm some part of the population, well if that is the reason then this part of population should become of c-holders in the cooperation's restructuring to comcom (from more see govcomcom)

This, although still a sharply divided2, is a huge market3 which is yet to be build from nothing and in this context the business of iswith platform is to provide more and more services for the businesses of which structuring is of such equality in power and/or is required.

We create this market and posses the intellectual properties of the comcom's structuring and we also practice this structuring in our own business while keeping the structure be decentralized at most. This way, we keep being authentic and being the authority in the field.

As p-holders, investors can get 3rdy party position with periodical exclusive rights to give their services in the platform and if are first in successfully making it also be p-holders as establishers in the iswith.

Here are some practical paths we are stepping in:
comcomized mailing services as the 1st step in realizing the ComCom social
ComCom Community

At any rate, in the end of the day, if you are activist, developer, researcher and/or artist, if you are start upper or investor, here is your way to realize your potentialities by the ComCom social we are now building in this framework.

  • This is the frame for the net of ComCom being developed bottom-up by individuals and ComComS, as the frame is established by the founding ComComs (all of which are defined in this 55 structure and) all of which $d = 0.55$, i.e. such that its decentralisation is well established.
  • In this frame, for reducing escaping and excusing, we cared for providing an entry point to anyone, including periodically granting exclusive rights and when we say anyone we mean:

Here is the 55 structure:

  • All the companies in this Structure are ComCom of which $d=o.55$, where
    • iswith is a 40% holding p-holder in iswith-fruits, which is the Internet provider/hosting for
    • both together: the iswith and iswith-fruits, give exclusive rights for 3rd-party services in the platform provided by iswith-fruits,
      • where each such service is given in periodical contract to 2 other 3rd-party ComCom (the iswith-service-5555 and iswith-service-4555) of which D=0.55;
      • where each of both, the iswith and iswith-fruits, is a 22.5% holding p-holder in one of the 3rd-party providers (the-45) and a c-holder in the other (the-55), (hence per each service, a dual computation is still available and both: the non-comcom and the comcom, can have their own slot in this exclusive rights scheme) and
      • where such services provided by such 3rd-party may be of
        • registration of the holders,
        • voting between the c-holders
        • law-firm-services
        • financing
        • structural consulting
        • marketing
        • peer-to-peer-self-organising
        • Internet programing (say iswith-drupal) and hosting etc,
          • etc,


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