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  • What it's about: Becoming stronger customers of, or members in, any organization by being equal shareholders s (aka "peer owners") over its assets here in 6 points.
  • Its rational: If corruption is happening" where the organization "serving" members don't count them, make the members stronger as owners.It's the system, stupid, Decentralize it; Make it a system of competitive groups of people having equal power!

From here you can contribute while benefiting from it by selling or including your optional translation and other improvements. This is the first version of the manual (V1.0) and we are working on its improvement to be published in version (V1.1) - find here how could you make it happened. Also, after reading the manual see this for how we are getting organized.
Let me invite you to consider one peaceful approach - become peer owners of the assets/properties of your organization:

  • it can be established by a short contract between the peers, it provides a litmus paper of trust between the peers, so that none of them, including their representatives, could fool the rest without the ability of the rest to response to that, and
  • it protects minorities or individuals in their organizations! More about it here.
  • This must be important, especially for activists and
  • this could also be used for breaking the cycles of privatization/nationalization benefiting only few, for more search govcomcom.

The Distribution of: Name: Peer Owners - Your Net (V1.0), ISBN-13: 978-1463752057, Title ID: 3657945


Donate here to the "Common Companies Foundation" for creating the platform for comcomized units.

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