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This booklet explains the "comcomism". From here we go all the ways to peer owners' stock marketPer each state, a stock market of shareholders having equal number of shares in their unit. This is the target of the comcomism as the comcomsim is to ride on the trend of being more economical/social/ethical in business making and in banking etc. per each state - we are now getting organized by selling globally this short booklet.

The distribution of this booklet or its derivativeswhile benefiting the chain of contributers in creation and distribution and as default using the license of "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License" forms us as one or more "movements", of which each is already provided with some capital power, such that the distribution would provide the initial means of the movement.

Is this idea new? Yes, at least as long as stock market for peer owners is missing! Different peers' stock-market per each state is the global objective of comcomism and of comcomism ltd.

Around the globe - The ComComIsm can be your bridge to realize your goals.


See also the agreement.

This is the last peaceful way to change what must be changed in society and a way for free and authentic membersclick to learn how obama lost the grassroots movement putting him in his office. to get organized for long time - never letting selling the unit to one stronger owner and only benefiting both - the individual and the organization!

Some general links:
ComComIsm's home: the very basic + some types of comcomS.
ComComIsm LTD's home: more practical issues and examples.
This older site, partly renewed, worth a look - it shows where can it go.
Well, this is very old, but with the most far vision - hopefully in my lifetime, but that is ok if it would become after.
pile tech as part of organizing things see also this
Special examples of useful comcomizing
@SB small-business
@DO invest instead of donate
Reword your preferred clients be fairer and have better marketing
@GO Govcomcom demand your government to list those who are to be reword by its privatization or its bailout and then take those in the list to become peer owners in a comcom of which your government took share or should have been taking shares.
@OM comcom community
@CS comcom social
@M@ comcomized mailing list
SDP secure data storage
@C@ ComComism LTD
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