The ComComist's Arguments For the ComComizing which allows the value of representation be trade-able!
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Join here for becoming one of the first 5500 ComComists initiating worldwide the comcomism (see here how we do it )
We Argue that ComComizing units allows the value of the privilege to have representation for equal, as for unequal, members in such units, be trade-able1
and that this fact alone must create a big impact toward a longer-lasting health of the systems with which we are daily interacting in any of our activities, whenever such systems are ComComized and of higher scale than those with which we are interacting in an intimate manner and in direct relationships with and in front of our representatives.

In the long run we are constantly keeping on ComComizing more businesses while in the shout run we only need 5500 members for initiating such long term process.

This we assume to be realistic since the ComCom structuring of businesses is evolved bottom-up, as such the structuring better fits to start-up-companies and social-networking, which are both to be integrated in our plan to assist individuals via cooperating in groups until becoming active ComCom and then to to assist ComCom farther more and as from bottom-up is where from the change could ever come and is more economical when this direction of evolving breaks out.2.

For having this argumentation fruit-able, please first see these few lines for knowing what specify distinctly ComComizing, where always i*d=c*n and then see these few lines abut the equal ownership vs the one in any cooperative and in respect to test of ownership over property.

We believe that:

A) In any unit, when and if the representation caring for the interest of (equal) members3 has value able to be evaluated, then that value must be exchangeable between such member and others4, otherwise5 such value accounts nil and the unit could always become a catch6 locking the members with unknown value of their resources and without the ability to exit with their resources7 and we see this as a grate dangerous especially in big scale8 of such unit9;

B) Any business, for adding to its current value, can reward its preferred clients, contractors and/or employees by offering them, in addition to their functionality, to become also its c-holders, having, from the business's respective, something (mostly functionality) in common, where better performance of the business requires better binding of the functionality of the c-holders to the the functionality of the business, which then could be introduced as some mutual interest between the c-holders and the business10;

C) Globally, making the middle class be (again) stronger or bettering the distribution of wealth and power of decision is yet the number one problem waiting to be solved11 and for this ComComizing more of the market is the best way to go;

D) Now, after the massive bailout All Over The World, it is time for us, the needy becoming the excuse or reason for the government to bailout the big cooperation sucking over and over again the tax payer, to demand being c-holders in the new structure of said cooperations, that is, it is now the time for us to start, politically and socially, demand doing more for GovComCom;

E) Asking for ownership (as c-holder) over the project in our interest and instead of or in addition to asking for donating12 for such project can add economical sense, especially where the independence of the project (from its donor) or the availability of such donors is/become an issue for the project's survival. This goes to what we believe in, what we want etc. It can be political, social, educational, experimental, environmental anachronistic, anarchical or any other crazy/moderate thing we put ourselves into13. In this Context it is important to note that no any ComCom can be taking over by any single entity. This 1) protect founders from taking over which could work against their beliefs and 2) neutralizes the pattern of taking over for then handing it over to the richer14.see here more about volunteering.

We hold the above 5 statements when considering the following arguments:
The argument of equal ownership Some-General-arguments Basic Non-comcom and Comcom comparison Some-specific-practical-arguments A-personal-thread
(and if you want some additional arguments please see also the latest-comments and our FAQ)
When or if you agree please click this for Joining us. We only need 5500 ComComists and hope you are one with/of us. Please let others know it, thanks! and if you have something to add, correct or if you simply do not agree, please let us know!

Hope to have you making this silence revolution. We do mean it and we mean it to be done now!!!

Join us Now (this is Free) for learning, telling and/or doing more about/for/from the ComComists community by simply subscribe to:
the ComCom Initiative
which after approval would also let you as member to react upon the mirror of the the-comcomists mailing list
and you can find more We gmail as masking see more about the mailing lists in this project!

Please check if you agree with the arguments above, Do you? if so, please let others know it, otherwise please let us know! Hey you , wait, just a moment please :) Do you know how the equal-ownership, which is practised in any ComCom and unlike the one in any cooperative, does NOT allow the few to control the most?

ComComizing could be now your solution!!! Especially if you are a power producer, such as a developer, artist and/or researcher, in which case the comCom social can become your preference. We set our threshold to 5500 members in the-comcomists. We provide this free entry point for anyone who wish participating in realising the foundation for any ComCom to evolve in/by/with our 55 structure and/or any GovComCom.

Become One of/with Us because We Can Change Reality, We Can Now Change the Reality around us, the practical reality, the economical one, the one manipulated by the few and against the interest of the most.
Yes and just because Comcomizng helps in forcing your representative in (big enough) unit to care more for your interest than for theirs.

Oh Yes and now by ComComizing more of the market we Can Change Our Reality.
And Yes You can Now Help in this, by Joining with us in this ComComizing project establishing the basic frame for evolving any ComCom and GovComCom, Since all we need is only 5500 ComComists.
Welcome and please Subscribe Now
in our activities: Ask or Tell us or simply Do with us. Via this mailing list we do the thing which could help ComComizng more. hope to see you with us. Thanks.
If you have any question,
first please try our Arguments (for getting general context) and then use this contact for asking it.
We think it is in our hands, yes we can, we can do it now and again we ask you please now find your position in our 55 structure.
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