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Our target now is 5500 ComComists. We use also googlegroups for any case which could happened because of some overflow. So, if you like to, please register also on google, at leastto the-comcomists mailing list. Thanks.

you can subscribe to the-comcomists mailing list, following these 3 steps:
1) Create your new Google account with your exiting email account and then
2) Create your Gmail account (choose your desired login name x for having the account) and then
3) with your direct (Gmail) login name subscribe to (by clicking the "apply for approval" bottom)

Please use it with a mask: We recommend to create gmail account as a mask for your (email) identity but only for the use of these mailing lists and then if you want to integrate the mailing list with this site please use the same email address as use when you join us.

From here we Now Act In 6 (3 close and 3 open) mailing lists, of which only one (the-comcomists) is your entry point to our activities (confidently there we ask tell and do, see main page)!!!

see also about our 3 closed mailing lists: iswith ltd iswith-fruits ltd iswith-3rd-parties
The 3 open mailing lists: The the-ComComistS is a closed mailing list for gathering the people who wish to be shareholders in one or more of the 3: iswith ltd, iswith-fruits ltd or 3rd party ComCom providers providing services to the above 2. All said companies are intended to become ComCom of which d=0.55 and be the base for any other ComCom to involve. For more about this ComCom net please see our-55-structure. Registration to here is for free. Subscribe now and Welcome!! non members can request an invitation to join and only members can invite friends read or post new or old discussion, edit their pages and upload their files. $0 5500 This is a close mailing list of friend inviting friends for us communicating about comcomizing. It is your starting point for more information about comcomizing and/or for subscribing to the next 3 lists: iswith ltd , iswith-fruits ltd and iswith-3rd-parties. If you are not yet invited please try contact us and let us know how to invite you. Only registered in those mailing list may become shareholders in the corresponding companies and in addition after subscription the subscriber could get good info, ability to ask and be answered and ability to influence the evolving of ComComS and see also anyone can join read and post $0 0 These are 2 open mailing lists for us communicating with the others about comcomizing.

These mailing lists are all google groups. We use those because it is free and because of the google's robot which spamed us daily for months (for more see this). When the lists are integrated with this site we are to use encryption for increasing our security.

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