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ComCom (Common Company) is any company or organization, if we made a line cutting all its shares into 2 groups and if all holders in one group (aka all its c-holders), unlike in the other group, have equal number of shares, as the proportion of the first group out of the whole (aka the $d$3) is unchangeable4, where $d/c$ is the exact share held by each c-holder and where $c$ is the number of all such c-holders. In any ComCom, any holder is either a p-holder or a c-holder, where any c-holder is either a person or a ComCom and where any p-holder either a person or a company.5see it here In only 3 pictures

Hence: Each p-holder, as a private holder, is a singular owner over her/his share/s, unlike all the c-holders between which the shares are always redistributed equally, hence together having always equal ownership over their shares, where each c-holder has the same number of shares. (and such that always $i*d=c*n$, where the number of all c-holders is $c>=1$, of which each holds $n$ number of shares, where the number of all issued shares is $i>=1$, of which each price is $s$ and as $0<d<=1$)
Please also see our arguments for that and also how do we realize the ComComism.

As we see it: ComComizing or applying the ComCom structuring is the way to solve both, our personal and our global, economical problems6. And the ComComism7 allows A) more of equality8, B) more of protection9, C) more of evenly spread risk10, D) bigger variety of owners and investment11 and E) longer run transparency of its structuring12. (or generally: Since responsibility could benefit only owners, hence more of us must be owners for becoming a more responsible whole.)

comcomized-mailing-services: mailing services such as lists of which owners are its members, for any grassroots project aim to become a movement. (and as the 1st step in realizing the comcom-social..)

ComCom social is a social networking, such as facebook, linkedin, myspace or twitter, of which members are c-holders in the ComCom being the provider for the networking13. This can lets its members, such as activists, artists, developers and/or researchers , to produce unique content while getting be organized in groups producing projects aiming becoming themselves ComCom and doing so with protection against hostile take-over (since one could never own compliantly any comcom ).

GovComCom is a ComCom of which at least one p-holder is your government or its agency/ies and of which c-holders are the needy making the reason for your government to intervene in the market for the benefit of the company which is to be (or is already) restructured as that GovComCom.
Let Central Banks know about ComComism, when they are seeking for instruments allowing better management of their risk of having too big players in their economy, because now they can reach their goal by pushing for govcomcom instead of preservation or bailout and by pushing for reduction or elimination of tax request from any comcom of which d =1. you can NOW sign the petition for GovComComizing here14

Constitution of its citizens constitutes one or more sub-constitutions, of which each is the formal law's foundation of one political unit such as state acting as a ComCom, of which $d=1$, such that the value of all the resources of each such state is distributed equally between all its citizens and is exchangeable for another such value defined for another such state.15This, we believe, is the best way to defend against the few taking hold on state and their resources by means of corruption, lobbies and educational, market and media control . e.g. if Berlin_x05849 and Berlin_x883928 are 2 operative entities, of which each acts as one ComCom of which d=1 and if 883928 05849 are 2 different n, then the sum of all values of such Berlin_x_n is the value of Berlin, each such Berlin_xn could be initiated by any citizen of such Berlin and such Berlin shall be managed by all such Berlin_n and proportionally to their value out the whole value of such Berlin. for more see here..

Hence….now is our time to initiate the ComComism. (since Your choice in your trust. i.e. You can Start in your trust and only then select but do it then only by becoming also an owner.)

ComCom-Community is one or more ComCom, which are designed for communities struggling for having their essentialities, such as land!!! The members of the community are the c-holders at least in one ComCom of which d=116. Until the end of the capital-raising-phase of that ComCom17, all the c-holders are to pay their investment in anyway they as a group define it e.g. in small amounts, regularly and/or on a periodical base (e.g. $10 monthly)18, where any new c-holder must pay the investment paid by the old ones. See also these 3 footnotes:19,20 and21.

By being individual and equal owners it is easier for us, the many, to become more powerful owners and as such (able to be) more responsible (also) toward mother earth. As such, we now can integrate the power of the many being equal with the individual power of each of us, the many. And As such, we are now building a very very big and flexible powerful ComCom-Community22 - A community of equal land owners paying their investment in small amounts.

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