The Peers Protection In Scomcomized Versus Icomcom or Dcomcom - Peer owners

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The peers' protection in Scomcomized versus the one in Icomcomized or Dcomcomized unit? The Icomcmoized, or the Dcomcomized, unit allows outer entities entering it only by becoming its peer, unlike the Scomcomized unit allowing entrance not only to its peers, but also to its “ordinary owners” and hence allowing an entrance by skipping the independent authority of its “peer owners”, which is to define their number.

  • This in itself makes the Scomcomized, from all the 3 comcomized forms, to be the least protecting its peers, especially as smaller is its d. Hence making it essential to have the d in the Scomcomized units be static, so that knowing its d would tell to the outer the most about the possibilities of its balance of powers.

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