The World Is Now Changing! Are You Going To Define This Change?

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Here is a new approach named "Peer Owners" - In different groups, people can create and own the changes they want, by increasing the power of each individual in any democratic organization, such that all the assets of the organization are owned equally by all its members (making the organization's membership be tradable)!

Why? This is for never letting takeover by a sole entity and for long lasting realizing the original cause of the organization, while making the people's commercial power be bind with their political one in realizing their own cause. Activists using this way can act "positive" for pulling the "center" to their side - at least one positive statement is bridged to any negative one.
Here is an example (We can be ALSO positive - not only anti nuclear energy): In different groups, the people of the city, could and should become peer (equal) owners of solar/wind-power-farms - This creates new market for manufacturing wind-turbines/ solar-panels, but also makes it more achievable to have frequently some massive pro green energy demonstration for reducing the green costs by e.g. bettering the connection to the grid etc.
Likewise, people can also be peer owners of their bank, newsagent, isp (Internet service provider), publisher etc. Apropo publisher, are you an artist? Me too. Yes, we are competitors, but shouldn't we be the ones who set the rules for such competition? This is true also for developers, researchers and small businesses etc.

The elements of this context:

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