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What is a ComComized unit ? For first grasp, please imagine two (concentric) rings: one (blue) inside the other (red), where the outer is cut into identical pieces - The positions in the outer ring are of “peer owners” having equal share, unlike the other owners, being the “ordinary owners”, having their share in the inner ring:

  • The ratio between both rings is represented by the number d, measuring the decentralization property of the unit, as 0<d<=1,
    • where d*100 equals the percentage of the sum of all shares owned by all “peer owners” of the unit
    • and where c is the number of all the peers, each of which holds n shares and i is the number of all the issued shares of the unit,
      • such that d*i=c*n.
  • Each comcomized unit can only be one of these 3:
    • Scomcoized unit, of the type S, being open and having Static d;
    • Icomcomized unit, of the type I, being an Indycomcomized unit and closed while having Dynamic d; or
    • Dcomcomized unit, of the type D, being open and having Dynamic d.
  • Peer owner can only be a person or a ComComized unit of the same type as the owned unit
    • and the number of all the peer owners (the c) must be agreed by them independently, hence only the peers amongst themselves are to determine their number.
  • Each owner shall directly, or indirectly, obtain only one position in the unit, where
    • the owner can sell her/his shares only to whom accepts the agreement and except of selling to outer entity in the case of Icomcomized units, the seller alone is able to determine the value, the time and the identity of the buyer in that sell;
    • the price in each such transaction reflects the value of the whole unit, as
        • the value of the whole unit equals i times the share's price in that sell.

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