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What is a Dcomcomized or Icomcomized unit? The Dcomcomized unit, unlike Icomcominzed one, allows each of its peers to trade the peer's membership with an outer entity for the price of her/his n shares, as it is defined by the peer, where the d in both is changeable, such that d=(c*n)/i and i=m, where

  • m is the number of all of privileged members in the unit, of which each
    • is either peer owner in the unit,
    • or one, previously being its peer owner, and currently is a holder in its ordinary owner;
  • each privileged member can always switch back from being non peer to being peer (and hence the unit provides a security net for its member);
  • each ordinary owner must be held only by privileged members of the unit and can only be either of the same type as the owned unit, or a Scomcomized unit of which d=1;
  • the number of issued shares is as the number of privileged members, as i=m;
  • the value of n is defined only by the (authority of the) peers, where
    • n is bigger than 0 and the smaller or equal 1 and its default value is 1.
  • In this way….
  • When the d of the community is yet unknown (but is not 1, nor 0), the Indycomcomized structuring is useful for self-tuning the d. And so, you might want to begin with an Indycomcom for self-tuning its d and maybe afterward becoming Dcomcom and then finally Scomcomized with a fixed d;
  • The Indycomcomized or the Dcomcomized unit provides to its peers a security net of n shares for the worst case, but so that, the one can swap holding from being peer,
    • when desiring to try benefit with others some more than only those n shares.
  • In any case, any member in the Indycomcom or Dcomcomized must first become a peer in it and hence the power of authority of the peers as independent unit, which is to decide their number, is stronger in the Indycomcom or Scomcom more than in the Scomcom, since the peers Independently set their n in while having full control on who could enter the unit.

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