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What is a Scomcomized unit? Scomcoized unit allows both type of its owners: the peer and the ordinary ones, to sell their shares to outer entities and its d is unchangeable, so that

  • its d is defined only once, at the unit's initiation, hence its d is as its “DNA”; and
  • its “ordinary owner” can be a person, a ComComized unit, or any other organization.
  • In this way….
  • No representative/proxy of the peers could constantly act against their will, because at any time each of the peers can exit together with some (best achieved) return of the investment put in the unit;
  • Non of the peers could legally betray them by causing legal sell of the whole unit to a singular third party just for removing its history and/or destroying its identity;
  • The peers individually trade their position and the trading is in direct correlation to the value of the whole unit.
    • Hence each peer has a direct and instant power of re-evaluation of the whole unit – a power directly related to the peer's benefit/lost; and
  • The peers could now personally earn, while gaining more of their individual power, from/by doing, realizing and/or having their common “things”:
    • As now the peers directly influence, and are influenced by, the accumulated value of what they together have and do in commons related to them (-their commons),
      • which is the value of the what is resulted from their activities in common after that value is added to the value of their common resources;
    • As their responsibility for the commons is now rewarded, since it is bound with their personal benefit - a benefit which is even inheritable to their children; and
    • As their responsibility is now not only a product of previous training or education, but also of their individual and unique experiences (of trial by error, share and learn) as they are comprehend together with their personally preferred peers.

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