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What it's about? Putting the peers at the top of their unit! ComComizing unit, or establishing a COMmon COMpany, is about individual ownership over the properties of that unit. Some (if not all) such owners are its “peer owners” having equal share of ownership over one portion of the unit, as all the other owners (if any) are its “ordinary owners”.

The distribution of such individual ownership is defined in a short personal agreement between all the owners of the unit. The agreement is designed for increasing the individual power-and-flexibility of each of the “peer owners” together having more dynamic power to realize their “something” in common (- their commons).

Individual ownership is essential! It allows tying the power of participating in association in this “commercial world” together with all the legalization and commercialization of this world. It grants for the owners the power of directly evaluating their unit as a whole, by individually trading their own shares and hence keeping always instant and relevant their power of re-evaluating their unit.

This agreement is validated by buying, so that buyer of such ownership must first agree with the agreement and hence the agreement is stronger than any of the unit's owner/s. Per each such unit, the agreement forbids, directly or indirectly, accumulating more than one position of ownership and prevents one entity owning it all.

Being peers for granted makes each of them unable to earn from the failure of the other or to sell-it-all to some third party, while reducing the risk's management of them as a group, as together they check and balance each other for the benefit of each of them as it is going with/from the benefit of them as a group.

Being peer for granted is useful even between competitors at least for establishing the ground, roles and rules for their exact competition, otherwise splitting for controlling them is inevitable, exactly right after becoming strong enough. e.g. On one specific room, renters will be competitors, but when they are organized as peers against owner, they can benefit.

ComComism is a peaceful, lawful and natural way for decentralization of power in communities determined preventing any falling first into the too big to fall, just for latter falling with exactly that huge one and it is also a way of making business in a wise and “good manner” when the peers are preferred clients of the business.

ComComism can be used in Scomcomized units only for open communities, in Dcomcomized units for first close then open communities and in Icomcomized units only for close communities.

After all, the comcomism is all about being content, by bringing about your ability to readjust the things you belong to, while sitting at their top with your peers and having the power coming with responsibility to satisfy yourself in your community while satisfying your community.

comcomizing forms as d*i=c*n; d, as 0<d<=1 Allowed to Sell to Type of Community i, as 0<i, number of all issued shares n, as 0<n, number of peer's shares
Scomcom Static Outer Open ? ?
Icomcom Dynamic Inner Closed i=m 0<n<=1
Dcomcom Dynamic Outer and inner Open i=m 0<n<=1

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