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Check this calendar. In this political and commercial social revolution, the people do have a "program":

  1. Make (public) assemblies and
  2. privately and in parallel become equal shareholders over the banks holding their deposits.

People do this by first signing (yet without any payment) the (comcomizing) contract among themselves and then by coordinating over it (more here).
For better understanding the comcomism, which is the theory about equal ownership by peer owners, we coordinate also some forms:

The 3 forms:

  • Workshops/Classes
  • Assemblies
  • Interviews

The 4 "levels"

  • A) Get know it (2 hours), use it for getting some general understanding about the contract establishing comcomism in terms of what is (in) that, why and what that can be used for ( 6 up to 10 attendees)
  • B) Get understand it: Use it for learning about participating in or initiating comcom
  • C) Get use it: Use it when your are peer or ordinary owner/s for learning more about your specific issue with your specific comcom
  • D) Get it trained: Practice/training/certification for being a teacher of it.

The 4 ways to make find Workshops/Assemblies/Interviews matching to you:

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